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Friday, February 03, 2006

Attack of the Killer DIV'S

What's the point in all these seats if no one is using them? Too many times in CSS, designers decide to use a div instead of just using the mark up that is already available through the source code. I've been very guilty of this for a long time. It basically turns of of that great usefull markup into a bunch of empty chairs in an empty room. They just sit there taking up space.
Hmm.... I need this to go here.... I know! I'll put it in a div!

Thank God I'm getting out of this phase! One of the points in CSS development is to lessen the amount of markup we use. If we are just replacing all of our style and table tags with div and span what's the point? Sure, you can still seperate the style. And sure, it will still work and look good. But seriously, what's the point? I'm learning a new trade as a visual person. Code before graphics. If you build your markup before you begin worrying about the style, or before you begin applying the style, you will see numerous ways to apply that style with out lathering the markup with div and span tags. This is good CSS. This is a good practice. IT'S A GOOD THING.


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