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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

clone me please

Cloning is one answer, but the right answer is subcontracting. If you work for any period of time in the creative industry, you will find that no matter how talented you are, no matter how fast you are, no matter how organized you are, you will eventually get in over your head with work. Especially if you have a day job and are only moonlighting on the side. My suggestion is this. Have subcontractor's handle the load that you can not. Basically, if you have people around you that you know can do quality work, simply hire them on a contract basis. Have them do the work. Pay them their quote, and mark it up as much as you can get away with. This way, you still have clients who remember you as the service provider, you make a little money, and you get the work off of your back. Too many times, creative service providers get over loaded and burned out. This doesn't have to happen.


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