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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Everyone's a web deisgner!

Have you ever noticed how intuitive and proactive the software industry is becoming? With all of the new developments in software (i.e. Macromedia, and others), it seems to me that there is some grand conspiracy to rub out all of the creative genius' in this world and replace them with canned templates and CMS driven web sites that any moron can accomplish. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all for making my job easier, but let's hide it from the public. Can we get some password protected professionals club that allows only people who have put real blood, sweat, and tears into learning programming and graphic arts to gain access to all the easy stuff? I mean, for crying out loud! Why does anyone hire a web designer anymore? Just get a few bucks and buy the software and let your niece handle it!


  • While I started to feel threatened a LONG time ago by the simple capabilities that many programming packages offer, there are several problems that are illuminated when a one of these packages is used without a professional (user/administrator) backing it up.
    The non-professional can do little other than recreate the entire site, or, if its not tightly integrated, that one page. If the problem is internal to the CMS itself, this can be catastrophic!
    Remember that the user is typically restricted to just those templates that the package offers and will have difficulty developing anything more creative.
    If a customer thinks they can do it themselves - LET THEM, You don't want their business, they will be a customer from hell and probably a "zombie" or a cheapskate.

    By Blogger WebObjects Coder, at 9:20 PM  

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